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December 1, 2010

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State Finals Run Provides Financial Gain For North Putnam

North Putnam’s run to the football state finals came with a financial benefit. Each school takes home one dollar for each ticket sold in the final game at Lucas Oil Stadium. North Putnam estimated a $2,800 gain in ticket sales to the final game alone. Still, North Putnam principal Alan Zerkel believes the real gain came earlier in the postseason.

ZERKEL: "We were very fortunate to have hosted, I think, 4 games through this run. And the majority of the money we made came from the concessions."

A grand total of cash made during the post-season was not available. Zerkel says all money made stays in the athletic budget. The funds will likely be spent refurbishing football equipment for next season.

Holiday Shopping in Greencastle

Local businesses in Greencastle are not doing much to keep shopping local during the holiday season. Headley Hardware said they are preparing by keeping their doors open, but are not doing anything differently. They do not expect a change in store traffic, but hope customers will consider them when shopping for gifts.

CVS says they will be distributing a holiday coupon catalog to registered customers. They also will have seasonal decorations in the store, and will bring in more inventory for the gift section. CVS hopes customers will come buy decorations, including lights, plates, ornaments and miniature Christmas trees.

Fashion Bug says they will have a promotional sale to try and attract customers. This includes discounts on already reduced items, as well as free shipping on items ordered directly to the store. Eitel’s Flowers is also doing a promotional sale throughout December, and has ordered signature ornaments, gift baskets and wreathes to attract the community.

DePauw Pays Around $1,600 for Students to Attend DePauw Game

The DePauw Athletic Department paid for tickets to the school’s first home football playoff game for DePauw students. The Tigers hosted Trine University on November 20th, losing forty-five to thirty-five. Fewer than twelve hundred tickets were sold for the game. University Athletic Director Page Cotton says the majority of student tickets were sold to DePauw students.

COTTON: "We accounted for five-hundred and fifty-two student tickets that were purchased and of that there was a certain percentage of Trine students that actually paid. And we figured that we probably somewhere between three-fifty and four hundred probably that we paid for for DePauw students."

DePauw paid four dollars per ticket for a total cost of around sixteen hundred dollars. This is not the first time the school has paid for DePauw students to attend an NCAA home playoff game. Cotton says the school pays for its students to attend NCAA games for every sport.

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