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December 6, 2010

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Anti-Coke Claims at DPU

The Prindle Institute provided a free screening of The Coca-Cola Case documentary late last week. The documentary portrayed the multi-billion dollar corporation’s relations with union leaders in Columbia as inhumane. Columbia is home to on of Coke’s largest global production factories. Since 2002 an activist and two U-S lawyers and have filed federal court cases against Coca-Cola for the alleged murder, abduction, and torture of over 400 Columbian unionists. The President and C-E-O of Coca-Cola Muhtar Kent denies involvement in the unionist killings. Supporters of Coke stressed the importance of allowing the company to push for free markets.

The film was well received by the audience of about 50 students and faculty. Sophomore Erin Sheek was shocked by the documentary and she said she would seriously consider the claims before buying her favorite Cherry Coke again.

House Heater Fires

As cold weather approaches precautions can be taken to prevent heater malfunctions that cause house fires. Fire Chief Bill Nugent is unaware of any recent cases where heaters have caused house fires. However, within the last year, Nugent says there have been cases involving wood burners and blue fires. To prevent future fires from happening, Nugent gives tips to homeowners.

NUGENT: "First is if you have a furnace you need to have the furnace checked by a professional and cleaned. And make sure your filters are cleaned. And if you’re burning with wood obviously to make sure the fluid’s been inspected and cleaned. And most importantly out of all of this is make sure that you have working smoke detectors and if you do make that the batteries are new and current."

Dave Corbin, from Dave’s Heating, offers necessary precautions for heater installation in homes. He says it is important to make sure heaters are vented properly and are not on combustible floor bases. Corbin and Nugent say if these precautions are followed the chance of heater caused house fires will decrease dramatically.

New County Council

Putnam County’s Republican Prescient Committee appointed 2 new members for County Council at Large positions. Nancy Fogle and Opal Sutherlin both resigned from their "member at large" positions on the council. Fogle takes over Jim Baird’s position as Putnam County Commissioner. Jim Baird was elected to Indiana’s House of Representatives during November’s elections. County Republican Party Chair Larry Sutton says the Republican Committee received 13 applications for the 2 open positions. Sutton said applicants must be residents of the county and be registered to vote.

SUTTON: "The county council occupies the position in the county that is responsible for approving all budgets. So, their principle job is managing the finances of the county."

The application included personal information forms and a statement of intent. The application deadline was last Wednesday evening. The new members’ appointment took place on Saturday.

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