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November 16, 2010

International Education Week

The U.S. Department of State along with U.S. Department of Education deemed this week International Education Week. Assistant Director of the International Student Services office Aliza Frame says over 30 percent of DePauw students study abroad in other countries. Also, 240 international students study on DePauw’s campus. Frame is helping to coordinate events to celebrate international education week. The events are supposed to be more than promotional efforts to obtain international students or to encourage study off-campus.

FRAME: “It’s very much about their intellectual engagement and their experiences. It’s not just ‘Hey! Look where I went and traveled!’ This is meaty, academic, intellectual kind of conversations.”

Events include student lectures about their enlightening observations and new ideas about international education. The week ends with a large Bazaar. International and other DePauw students will participate in cultural performances, share unique stories about their countries, and showcase foods from their homelands. The Bazaar costs 3 dollars and runs 5:30-9:00 in the Union Ballroom Saturday night.

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