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November 17, 2010

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Logistics of Hosting DePauw’s Football Team in the NCAA Tournament

It takes hard work and dedication for a DePauw athletic team to qualify for the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament. That is why athletic director, Page Cotton, always applies to host games when a DePauw team makes the tournament.

COTTON: “It’s been my policy to always put in to host because I think that if our teams whether it be our football team, or track or as you mentioned softball, basketball, soccer, if they earn the opportunity to host and be the top seeded team, then we want the games to be here.”

The N-C-A-A has granted Cotton’s wish once again. DePauw learned last Sunday evening that it will host the football game against Trine University this Saturday. A formula calculated by the N-C-A-A determines the seeding of the teams eligible for the tournament. This seeding ultimately determines which team hosts and which team will be the visitor. Cotton believes that DePauw’s strength of schedule propelled the nine and one Tigers to oust the undefeated Thunder for a home game.

COTTON: “Well the NCAA has a formula and a set of procedures that they follow in terms of determining seeding and as it turns out, based on the information that they had, and a lot of it has to do with strength of schedule, and we have a very strong strength of schedule, and as a result we were seeded third, and so one play eight, two plays seven, and three plays six.”

Trine will come to DePauw with all expenses paid by the N-C-A-A. Once a team reaches the tournament the association pays for all travel. However, this does not mean that Cotton and the athletic department incur more costs to host than to send a team to an away game. Cotton says that hosting games and tournaments is a monetary washout for DePauw and that the athletic department does not make or lose money. DePauw students will not be charged for tickets at Saturday’s matchup. Adults and other students will be charged eight and four dollars respectively. DePauw kicks off at noon at Blackstock Stadium, and Cotton believes that good weather should draw a large crowd.

Humane Society Closing: A Hot Topic at Putnam County Council Meeting

The Humane Society’s temporary closing in Putnam County was a hot topic of discussion at Tuesday’s County Council Meeting. A council member reported that the organization had an epidemic of respiratory problems that were highly contagious. The Humane Society shut down late last week after over a dozen animals became victims of the virus. Help was brought in from Purdue Veterinary School to find out what the cause of the infection is. The first case was approximately six weeks ago, and the illness seems to only affect the animals brought to the shelter after the first animal became ill. No adoptions or visitors are currently being accepted and the building hopes to re-open on November 26, but will not reopen so long as the infection keeps occurring. The Humane Society reports a strict regimen of sanitization, quarantine, testing and vaccination for prevention purposes. Updates on the shelter can be found at hspcanimals.org.

Monon Bell Game Behaviors

The Monon Bell game usually gets some students in trouble, but no problems were reported to DePauw this year. Director of Public Safety Angie Nally says students have been arrested in previous years. She says it usually due to alcohol related issues. Nally says that weather may have played a role in the better behavior of students this year.

NALLY: “The weather certainly played a factor this year. Many, many of our fans chose to either not come to the game or leave the game early. And when the majority of one side or the other has cleared out before the end of the game that is very impactful on whether or not they will have any conflict at the end of the game.”

Dean of Students Cindy Babington says that the steps taken before the game may also have lead to the students’ better behavior. There were preventative programs and more announcements on the safety precautions that students should take.

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