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October 5, 2010

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Old Gold Weekend Events

This upcoming weekend is Old Gold Weekend at DePauw University. There will be many events held for the campus and the alumni. There is float decorating for first years in Bowman park on Friday from 3:30 to 5:00pm.

The parade will be held Saturday at 11:00am. The Old Gold candidates will participate in the float along with the fire department, local businesses, as well as the students.

Old Gold king and queen will be announced Saturday during the half time of the football game. Students can vote for these candidates on e-services until Friday at midnight.

Union Board is expecting a larger turn out this year. They are hoping to take the entire Old Gold weekend and turn it around starting from the ground up. They want to make it more of an event that the campus along with alumni would want to attend.

Her Campus Web Page

Seniors Katie Tangri and Leanne Schaub opened a branch of Her Campus Online Magazine at DePauw. Her campus was founded by three girls from Harvard last fall. It is a forum where girls can discuss what matters to them the most. The topics include money, boyfriends, internships, college survival guides and more. Katie Tangri believes this website can reduce the level of isolation caused by the Greek system.

The DePauw branch of her campus got the most views in the first week of release. The founders admit that they did not expect their project would be so successful. After a month they have over forty contributors and the students’ interest to get involved seems to be increasing.

Her campus of DePauw was ranked third overall last week. Katie and Leanne hope the magazine will go on after they graduate this spring


4-Way Stop Sign

A four-way stop sign was installed at the intersection of State Road 240 and Julian Drive several weeks ago. This is a very crowded intersection with many stores and the Greencastle Middle School is nearby. The communications director of the Indiana Department of Transportation, Scott Burress explains that people were concerned about the amount of traffic as well as safety.

After talking to the local and school officials and hearing their concerns, the Department of Transportation decided to install a stop sign instead of traffic signal, because the criteria required for a traffic signal were not met. The Chamber of Commerce President Lori Hardwick says this intersection has been creating problems for a long time.

Scott Burress says no one expressed any concern since the first week of the installation. Initially people were concerned about backups, especially at the certain times of the day. But over the last several weeks the department has received no complaints either from citizens or from local officials. Burress says his office monitored the intersection a couple of times and found no problems.

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