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October 7, 2010

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This weekend is the Old Gold Weekend at DePauw. The alumni office is expecting up to 400 alumni to return this year and interact with the students. Students will get a chance to meet the alumni at the Networking Luncheon on Saturday in the Union Building Ballroom.

Student interest in the Old Gold Weekend has dramatically decreased over the last two decades. The alumni office is working with the Gold Council to overcome this problem. The Gold Council is includes alumni who graduated in the past ten years.

The students who receive Washington C. DePauw Society Scholarships will be able to meet their benefactors. The breakfast will be held at the Inn at DePauw 9 a-m. Saturday.

Eight distinguished alumni will also be recognized for their professional work on Friday at the Inn at DePauw. 200 alumni are currently registered for this event. Other events include the Old Gold Parade, the football game, and the crowning of the Old Gold King and Queen.

Student Government Meets with Board of Trustees

DePauw’s Student Government will voice their opinion to the Board of Trustees. The Student Government meets with the Board’s Student Life Committee Thursday at 2:30. Student body President, Christine Walker, said the government plans to promote new policy changes. The policy changes are a faculty-parking fee, an open forum for students to meet with the VP of finance when tuition rises, and faculty deadline legislation. Walker says the faculty deadline legislation makes teachers return students’ work within certain time limit. The changes will be hard to implement without the Board’s backing.

Walker and the other members of the student government hope the Board listens and provides support for their policy changes.

Weekend Series shows strength as a new program

Students have a new reason to be glad it’s the weekend thanks to the campus activities office. The Weekend Series is sponsored by the office and designed to give students more options for things to do on the weekend. Tiger pride weekends, Weekends To-go, Stay and Play, and The Great Escape are all part of the monthly series. The themes are for a specific week within each month. Assistant director of campus activities, Uzoma Oluka, said the schedule was set for marketing reasons. She said varying the schedule is an option for the future to make the themes timelier.

The weekends include a range of activities as the office works to determine what students like the best. Attendance has been hard to track and varies from event to event according to Oluka. She has received positive feedback from coaches and other faculty who say co-sponsorship with the Weekend Series has increased turnout. Oluka hopes that popularity will continue to grow as students become familiar with the series. She is pleased with the program so far.

Oluka said promotion for the series has been extensive using all the major sources on campus, Facebook, and word of mouth.

Winter Term Proposals on Track

After a lack-luster start the number of on-campus Winter Term proposals is starting to come in line with what is needed for January. As of this Thursday, 40 courses are available for review. Director of Global Opportunities, Kate Knaul (Nawl), says she is happy with the number of proposals so far. Knaul says the next step after course approval is to get the students involved in the process.

Knaul hopes students will take advantage of these on campus courses. Students may begin to request courses for this Winter Term in mid-November.

DPView on Greek Life at DePauw

DPView welcomed the presidents of Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council and Independent Council on Thursday night. The roundtable discussion centered on Greek Week and Greek life at DePauw. IFC President Alex Kriegshauser said that the one of the purposes for Greek Week is to allow first-year students to see DePauw’s Greek life in a positive light.

This year’s Greek Week also includes participants from the minority Greek chapters. Panhellenic President Julia Rohm-Ensing said that the chapters were invited to show greater unity among DePauw Greeks.

Independent Council President Annie Bowers said she feels fine about independent students not participating in Greek Week events because the council hosts other events for independent students throughout the year.

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