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October 25, 2010

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Free Flu Shots

As cold weather returns, so does the greater risk of colds and flues. Free flu shots will be administered to DePauw students who would like one this Wednesday and Friday. Although shots are free, donations will be accepted for the Timmy Foundation. The foundation was founded in by Doctor Charles Dietzen, an Indianapolis-based pediatric and rehabilitation specialist. Students will be collaborating with the foundation and traveling to Tena, Eduador this Winter Term to assist in local medical clinics. The money collected from the flu shot event will go to medical supplies for the trip.

The Flu shots can be received in the Union Building this Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The organizers ask that students stop by to get a shot or consider making a donation to help improve health in other countries.

Ticket Sales for Monon Begin

DePauw fans are now allowed to buy tickets for this year’s Monon Bell game. Tickets went on sale Monday morning at 8:30. Over eleven thousand traditionally turn out for DePauw’s biggest and final regular season game of the football season against Wabash College. The two schools will be facing each other for the 117th time this year and will fight for the Monon Bell trophy in Crawfordsville.

Kickoff will be at 1:07 p-m at Little Giant Stadium and the action will be broadcasted live on WGRE and HDNet. Fans who can attend the game in person are buying their tickets online for 15 dollars each. DePauw’s allotment will not be sold in person or over the phone this year. Orders are limited to 8 tickets and come with a one dollar service charge. DePauw tickets for the Tiger sidelines can be found at DePauw.edu.

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