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October 28, 2010

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DeProm, the First School-Wide Formal, to Be Held This November

In the State of the University Address, President Brian Casey expressed his desire to bring events to campus that unify the student body. Union Board’s Co-President Peter Haigh hopes that DeProm will help fulfill the need that President Casey has addressed. DeProm is an upcoming school-wide dance that models after a Greek formal. It is the first of its kind that invites all students, Greek and independent, to attend a formal event on campus. Haigh says that the event is not just another DePauw party, but an answer to President Casey’s call for school unity.

DeProm will take place on Friday November 5 at 9:30 p-m in the Great Hall of the GCPA, outside of Kresge Auditorium. Though students are generally busy on Fridays, Haigh says that Union Board chose a night that is as free as possible. Union Board will begin to advertise DeProm in the coming days with sheet signs, chalk art, and flyers, and will rely on word-of-mouth to publicize the event as well. The budget of the event is confidential, but no DePauw student will be charged admission.

Hoosier State Paranormal

Greencastle locals Chris and Nate Lien spoke with WGRE news directors about their involvement in Hoosier State Paranormal. Chris, the founder of Hoosier State, focused on their pilot episode of a TV show “Paranormal State: The New Class” that will be airing on A&E on November twenty-first. The team began their organization back in 2008 out of pure interest of the paranormal. They talked about how they were stepping into a completely new field and had to learn a lot in the beginning. Chris explains what they base their investigations off of.

The process of making the pilot episode has been a long task. Chris was contacted nearly a year ago by a producer and initially did not believe it was real. Production companies, Picture Shack and GoGo Entertainment told the team they were interested in developing a show that was similar to the current show Paranormal State. To begin the team filmed a ‘Sizzle Reel’ or a preview of what the episode could possibly be like. A&E liked it enough to request a pilot episode that was filmed back in January and depending on the ratings a series may come in the future. Nate talks about how it was a unique experience to film a TV episode.

The team has also investigated many places in Greencastle including DePauw’s Library, East College, Old Toppers, and the Old Putnam County Home. They hope that their show will encourage more people to contact them for investigations. Visit hoosierstateparanomal.com for more information about the show and members of the team.

Flu Shots

The Wellness Center Staff recommends all students get flu shots this year. Wellness Center nurse Theresa Masten says since DePauw students live in such close quarters, they easily catch illnesses. Theresa says the shot will prevent students from getting the flu and keep germs out of classrooms. This will keep class attendance high.

One flu shot clinic has already been offered in the hub, and there will be another on Friday the October 29th. Shots are only for DePauw students. They are free of cost. About 100 flu shots have been given thus far, and no flu cases have yet been reported on campus. Visit the hub during lunch time for a free flu shot.

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