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September 27, 2010

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The DePauw Discourse. (Sep 27)

Friday night, Kresge auditorium was filled with a crowd of over 300 people waiting to listen to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski (burr-zin-ski), hosts of m-S-N-B-C’S “Morning Joe”. They discussed the media today and the future of journalism.

The main objective in the world of media, Brzezinski said, is to just have discussion. Scarborough added that he doesn’t draw viewers by making the other side the bad guy and that the media has to be civil and let other people talk.

Both Brzezinski and Scarborough agreed that no-one really knows where the future of media lies, but if those in media get the basics right, everything will work out. The pair say that in the end the basics are not objectivity but writing and transparency.

The crowd was mostly alumni and parents of students on campus for family weekend. Discussions with a few students that made it to the event showed they enjoyed the talk.

Union Board Using Surveys To Choose An Artist For Next Semester. (Sept 27)

DePauw’s union board president, Delana Colvin, says their executive team is trying new ways to get to students. They want to learn about artists students want to see in concert next semester. Colvin says that in the past, an artist was chosen by word of mouth, but because of poor attendance, they have decided to communicate to students through other means.

The union board has also created a Twitter page where students can follow them and Tweet their artist requests.

Colvin says that the union board is trying new ways to promote the concert and hopes they satisfy most DePauw students.

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