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April 14, 2011

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Greencastle Not Holding Primary Elections This Spring

A primary election will not be held in Greencastle this year. County Clerk, Marty Watts, says the absence of the primary is due to the lack of opposition to the current candidates on the ballot.

WATTS: "Whereby if there are no contest races, to save taxpayer money, we’re able to do away with the primary and put that toward the general election in the fall."

Watts says residents of Greencastle are still able to run against current candidates by filling out a form and turning it into the county chairman. The potential candidate must also be deemed qualified to run for a position by their political party or through a petition. Once the chairman has approved the candidate, they have until the beginning of July to inform Watts of their candidacy. Even if no candidates are added, elections will still take place in November of this year.

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