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April 25, 2011

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Walker Cup Goes to Walker

Monday afternoon’s Senior Showcase set up select DePauw seniors to show off top studies and present top projects. While Monday night’s Academic Awards Convocation showered praise and scholarships on the top students in the University’s two different schools and the Liberal Arts school’s many different departments. The Awards began at eight p-m in Kresge Auditorium at the Green Center and the seats were about half full when President Casey stepped to the podium at nine p-m. Doctor Casey was on stage to present the final and most prestigious award to the senior that contributed the most to DePauw during their four year college career.

The Walker Cup finalists were named by the class of 2011 and the faculty chose from the four finalists. The finalists included David Dietz, Ben Stilwill, and Christine Walker. Casey gave introductions where he predicted Dietz would someday run the U.N. and that Walker would come back as the University’s 23rd President. Brian Casey called Stilwill a great friend to others and a bedrock of stability to all. But the Walker Cup could only go to one senior and that cup turned out to be aptly named, because the award went to Senior Christine Walker. The recipient said she was surprised those voting were able to make a choice amongst a group of students who had worked so closely throughout the year.

WALKER: Maybe if I’d run the Student government like a Nazi, then I would have seen it coming – but the effort this year has been so collaborative that I think it’s hard to pick a single person, because that’s not been the focus this year. So yes, I was very surprised.

Walker will leave her position as Student Body President and begin attending law school next fall where she hopes to focus in public policy. As the Walker Cup winner, Walker will speak at Graduation on May 22nd.

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