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February 4, 2011

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New VP of Advancement Talks to DPView

New DePauw VP of Advancement Marcia Latta has only been on the job for just over two weeks, but she already begun setting the stage for a large fundraising drive. The drive is meant to run around the University’s upcoming 175th anniversary in 2012. Doctor Latta spoke with WGRE News on DPView Thursday night about her past and plans for the future. She comes to Greencastle from Bowling Green State University in Ohio where she directed a campaign the raised twenty-six million more than its 120 million dollar goal. Latta’s first day on the job was spent with the DePauw Board of Trustees in Florida where she also met with President Casey and alumni.

LATTA: "Very impressed with the level of commitment that alumni show is again very very clear. I attended an alumni event in Florida. People have such great stories their time, no matter what decade they graduated in. Just great stories of their involvement here and how their DePauw education has made a difference in placing them career-wise in their lives."

The planning phase for DePauw’s first large fundraising drive in over a decade will last another six to eight months. Latta says the campaign will focus on raising funds for scholarships, endowed professorships, and capital improvements inspired by President Casey’s Master Plan. The first phase of that Master Plan is supposed to include a major tree replanting that may be even more necessary since this week’s devastating ice storm.

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