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February 8, 2011

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Gun Club Debate at Putnam County Board of Commissioner’s Meeting

A proposal for a private gun club in Madison Township became a hot topic at the Putnam County Board of Commissioners’ meeting on Monday. The Commissioners chose to vote down the proposal after deliberation from the club’s legal representation and township residents. Commissioners Board President Gene Beck said approximately 75 residents attended to voice resistance to the planned shooting range. The residents cited noise and danger factors from high-powered rifles and shotguns as significant concerns. The Putnam County Plan Commission also voted down the proposal in November.

Internet Outage Delays IFC Rush

Computer troubles did not break the spirits of most of the 212 men waiting to receive their bids in the IFC Recruitment this weekend. Rather than First-Years meeting in one large space like in past years, they were separated in an attempt to dedicate individual attention from the Rho Gammas. At 9:26p.m. The campus Internet went down, keeping three houses from submitting their final lists. After most of the problems were settled, First-Years were sent to their new Fraternity houses. Some men were sent to the wrong houses as a result of mix-ups, but IFC President Alex Kreighauser says he was happy with the changes to the process.

This year quota was set at 27. Beta Theta Pi pledged the most again this year with 31. Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Chi both pledged 26 with Phi Kappa Psi pledging 25. Delta Upsilon and Phi Gamma Delta each pledged 22. Phi Delta Theta pledged 21. Alpha Tao Omega pledged 19. Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledged 18 while Sigma Nu rushed the smallest class with a pledge class of two. Only ten houses participated in IFC rush this year because the eleventh house on campus Delta Chi is closing.

City Council Vote On Little 5 Bike Race Course

The DePauw Little 5 Committee asked City Council to approve the proposed bike race course, set to occur on April 9. Little 5 Committee members asked Mayor Murray and other council members to consider shutting down the main DePauw campus loop from 12:30-5:30 pm the day of Little 5 for bikes only. Committee member and DePauw senior, Ellie Weed, assured council members that emergency vehicles would have no issue getting through, and there would be extra Public Safety officers to patrol crowd control. The issue was ultimately tabled because of city council’s concerns about traffic flow. The issue will be revisted after Fire Chief Newgent and Police Chief Sutherland meet with Public Safety Director Angela Nally to discuss the route.

Panhel Rushes Around Bad Weather

The Pan-Hellenic Council concluded a successful rush despite treacherous weather conditions last Sunday. The ice storm that hit DePauw’s campus last week canceled classes for two days, but did not have a major impact on the rush process. Panhel’s current president, Julia Rohm-Ensing, said they were able to work around the weather. The weather only forced Panhel to change the Alternative Recruitment schedule.

Alternative Recruitment is designated for women whose athletic or extracurricular obligations prevent them from being able to attend normal rush. This group of 18 alternative rushers were a part of the 227 women who joined sorority houses this year. Rohm-Ensing attributed this year’s success to Panhel’s current rush process, which she says works well and allows them to adapt to last-minute complications.

New Writing Requirements Proposed

At Monday’s faculty meeting Chairman Bruce Sanders announced the proposal for strengthening DePauw University’s Writing Program. Academic Policy and Planning head Sanders said the program has not been changed in 30 years and needs rejuvenation. The proposal would force first year seminars to focus more on writing as well as make the W requirement obtainable only through sophomore year. The proposal also states that each department is required to go over how they will extend writing in junior and senior level classes so that it becomes a consistent and strengthened skill. Some concerns over the proposal revolve around potential harm the changes to the Writing Program could have on the Writing Center. The proposal will be up for debate and a vote at the next faculty meeting in March.

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