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February 17, 2011

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Steve Langerud Visits DPView Tonight

This month DePauw’s Director of Opportunities Steve Langerud has been featured on CNN and CNBC. During February his words have appeared on the pages of the Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Daily News, and the Chicago Tribune. And those words are related to jobs. Steve Langerud is the DePauw University career guru. He shares top tips on fixing resumes and being creative when hunting down a job. He has consulted over 15,000 people and he travels around the country to even help DePauw alums. But most of the time Mr. Langerud is in Greencastle helping students. And tonight at five the Director of Opportunities will be on WGRE’s public affairs show DPView. If you have a job or internship question for Steve Langerud, email WGRE News Director Stephen Kendrick at Stephen Kendrick underscore 2011 at depauw dot e-d-u. Your question might make the air so tune in.

Director of Professional Opportunities Interviewed by DPView

Director of Professional Opportunities at DePauw, Steve Langerud was interviewed on this week’s DPView. He spoke to WGRE about the current job market and challenges faced by students preparing to graduate. Langerud said the Career Services team at DePauw is looking at ways to create more networking opportunities for students, including increasing the number of available internships. Langerud said he hopes to have 500 winter term internships in place by September, and 700 summer internships by next spring.

Once these opportunities exist, Langerud says programs needs to be in place to help students with professional etiquette and learning how to approach alumni. He explained that the most serious issue facing many graduates is not the job market, but their lack of financial literacy.

LANGERUD: "Do you understand how your credit’s scored? Do you understand how to get a mortgage? How to pick insurance? When you get a job and someone says you get to choose how to invest your retirement, that you don’t look at them like a deer in the headlights and you actually know what they’re talking about. That you can make a decision between buying and leasing a car, renting and owning a home. When I talk to recent alumns, they say 'I had to make these decisions, and I never thought about it before.'"

Career Services plans to address these issues in future programs it offers students. To hear the full interview, visit our website next week at wgre.org.

President Casey Announces Review of Near-Curricular Programs

President Casey announced today in an e-mail to faculty and staff that there will be an administrative review of the University’s near-curricular programs. Professor of Economics Mary Dixon has been appointed head of the review, along with Vice President Christopher Wells. Included in Casey’s definition of “near-curricular” programs are The Management Fellows, Media Fellows, Science Research Fellows, Bonner Scholars and ITAP Programs. The review will consider how well the programs utilize their facilities and how they contribute to a student’s overall education at DePauw. Casey noted that The Honors Scholar program will be looked at separately since the model is different from other near-curricular programs.

The Programs of Distinction emerged on DePauw’s campus over twenty years ago. Casey said the time is right for a review of the programs given the recent hiring of two new presidential cabinet members, Marcia Latta, Vice President of Advancement and Daniel Meyer, Vice President of Admission. No timeline for the review has been set.

Kindergartner Round Up in Greencastle Community Schools Corporation

The annual kindergartner round up kicked off this week at Greencastle Community Schools. Starting on Monday, parents could bring their children into Ridpath Primary or Deer Meadow Primary schools to get a tour of the facility as well as allow the staff to meet the potential new students. Along with the start of Kindergarten round up week is the start of registration for new students for the 2011-2012 school year. Ridpath Primary Principal, Tamra Walker, said the Kindergartner round up allows the schools to predict numbers so that they can make any adjustments for the following school year regarding staff size or materials needed.

There will also be an orientation day for Ridpath Primary on March 27th . On that day parents can bring their child in to visit the classrooms and meet the teachers, as well as experience riding the school bus. Dear Meadow Primary will be holding their orientation day on April 28th. Dear Meadow’s Principal, Gwen Morris, said last year about 66 students registered for kindergarten. This year’s prediction is expected to be higher than last year’s number.

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