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February 23, 2011

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Where in the World Are DePauw Students? The Middle East?

Currently, there are no DePauw students studying in the Middle East. Associate Director for Global Opportunities, Mandy Brookins Blinn reported that 40 students are studying abroad this semester. She compares this to 78 students who studied abroad last semester. The majority of students are studying in areas like Europe, China, and South America. There is one student studying in Mexico. The violent episodes happening all around the world may be the reason why there are not as many students studying abroad. Brookins Blinn says that State Department travel advisories prohibit the University from sending students abroad if that area is unsafe. If a student is already abroad at the time of a violent episode the University will consult the program providers. A solution is then decided upon. Typically, students looking to study abroad try to choose areas that are not affected by violence.

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