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February 27, 2011

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You Gonna Eat That?

The Prindle Institute hosted a series of events Wednesday and Thursday titled, “You Gonna Eat That?” The events included student and faculty panels as well as a speech by acclaimed author Frances Moore Lappe. According to event organizer Professor Michelle Villinski, over 200 students attended the speech. Attendees included students, faculty, alumni, staff and residents from the Greencastle Community. Professor Villinski stated that she was pleased with the programming chosen because it could appeal to a broad audience.

During her speech, Frances Moore Lappe’s main point was that we could better meet the needs of individuals throughout the world if we focused on prosocial behaviors. Lappe said we must resist acting out of fear when we create national and international policies. She insisted we must be more holistic when approaching issues of food, democracy, and human welfare.

For more information about future Prindle events, check out the website at prindleinstitute.depauw.edu.

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