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March 6, 2011

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Development Campaign Includes Increased Travel and a Farwell to Slogans

DePauw University is ramping up for a major development campaign. Twelve years have passed since the University’s last capital project and preparations are currently under way for a sizeable fund-raising campaign. University President Dr. Brian Casey said this is the reason behind the significant amount of time he has spent off campus this spring.

CASEY: "This year it’s been a lot of travel, and for two reasons: one, it’s just time for me to be a little more external, and the other is that the University is considering a major development campaign, and so you just have to start developing those relationships. You need to connect with people, tell them what’s happening at the University, indicate where it might be heading, and so I’ve been all over the country."

Part of the development project will include a new marketing campaign to focus on the University’s history and DePauw’s engaging atmosphere. Casey told WGRE that the new campaign will move away from the University’s slogan of "Uncommon Success." In the future, no tagline will be used at all, which Casey says is in line with other prominent institutions.

CASEY: "It’s going to actually be a rather intellectual argument for the value of the liberal arts combined with an experiential framework. Clearly no new slogan. I find slogans to be rather dispiriting in higher education. It’ll be a richer statement as to who we are. It’ll also indicate the school’s history."

Students should begin to see the campaign in full swing starting this summer with an overhaul of the University’s< website.

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