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March 9, 2011

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Office for Sustainability Hosts Environmental Summit

The Office for Sustainability hosted its first-ever Environmental Sustainability Leadership Conference last weekend. DePauw students and administrators came together in the Reflection center and took part in leadership exercises and group discussions. Assistant Director of Sustainability, Missy Orr, said that the conference offered students opportunities to get involved in environmental issues on campus and in the Greencastle community. Orr said the conference attracted about 25 students and many campus leaders.

ORR: "It was hugely successful, we had a strong number of students and many students who were unable to attend and still expressed interest, we are reaching out to."

Orr said that the Office for Sustainability is planning to host a similar summit every semester. They also plan on holding a sustainability social in the UB lobby this Sunday in hopes of reaching students who were unable to attend the four hour long summit.

Juan Pedroza Speaks at Prindle

DePauw graduate and public policy analyst, Juan Pedroza, visited the Prindle Institute for Ethics Tuesday evening to discuss local immigration policies affecting unauthorized immigrants. Prindle intern, Rahul Abhyankar (Rah-ool Ah-bah-aan-car) says it was a joint effort between Professor Glen Kuecker and intern, Tamana Ogawa, to have Pedroza come to campus. Attendance was high and the Prindle lecture room was nearly at capacity.

Indiana State Senator, Mike Delph, proposed Senate Bill 590 this January which is directed at illegal immigrants. This movement is similar to an Arizona Senate Bill which allows police officers to stop anyone they deem suspicious and question their citizenship status. Pedroza spoke in opposition of this bill. Pedroza expressed concerned about the bill’s short-sightedness and the long term effects it could have on our nation.

Pedroza concluded with questions from the audience and held a discussion panel was later that evening.

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