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March 11, 2011

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Greencastle Superintendent Leaves for New Position in Illinois

The head of the Greencastle School Corporation, Doctor Robert Green, will be leaving town and venturing down I-70 to an Illinois city just west of Saint Louis. He will be leaving his position here in Greencastle and taking over as superintendent for a district over three times the size. Green will replace the current superintendent of the Collinsville, Illinois School District, Dennis Craft. WGRE spoke with Craft, who said the School Board voted unanimously to appoint Green.

CRAFT: "I think he brings a strong financial base to Collinsville and it seems like he has a good track record in working with the staff as well as parents in the community, and handling these unfortunate times we’re in dealing with lack of funds in the field of education."

Craft said the district is recovering from major funding issues, and has cut close to 4 million from its budget in the past two years. Currently, Illinois owes the district over 3.2 million dollars in categorical grants for transportation and literacy development. Green will not have to make any cuts when he assumes his position on July 1st, but Craft warned against making any sudden changes.

CRAFT: "Peruse the landscape—make sure that you don’t make any changes right away. We do have negotiations with our teachers and teacher’s aides this summer, and that is always a challenge. So I would make sure I do my due diligence, sit back, watch, and see what takes place."

Robert Green and School Board officials were not available for comment when contacted Friday afternoon.

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