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March 13, 2011

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Faculty Work to Create Environmental Studies Honors Program

A group of DePauw University faculty members are in the process of creating a new honors program focused on environmental education. Coordinator of Environmental Education Michelle Villinski says the program is formatted for any student who has interest in learning more about environmental studies.

VILLINSKI: "We want people to be able to pursue their interests and to think about them in a really rigorous framework—be able to write about it and do all those things that we do in the classroom with a focus on the environment"

Students accepted into the program would be allowed to declare any major, but would be required to take 3 science courses and 3 humanities and social science courses already available through the University’s curriculum. Villinski says students would have the opportunity to do internships and take school sponsored trips concentrated on the environmental field of their choice. She hopes the University’s Committee On Academic Policy And Planning will approve the faculty’s proposal in time for next semester’s underclassmen to apply.

An open faculty meeting to discuss the proposal of the new program will be held at 4PM Thursday in the Julian Auditorium.

Rector Scholarship Program’s New Website

Director of the Rector Scholarship Program Jack Morril says the program’s new website is meant as a directory for current and past Rector Scholars. Academic Web Content Manager Chris Wolfe and ITAP student Jordan Stefanov were the main contributors to the creation of the website. Morril says the site is an electronic version of what the printed newsletters the program used to distribute to scholars. The site includes a directory of current scholars and Rector alumni. It also contains links to DePauw archives, a pictorial history of DePauw and information on the selection process. Morril says having this kind of information on a website compared to printed copies also makes it easier, more efficient, and searchable. Morril hopes the site will be used as a communication device between past, current and prospective scholars. The site is now officially open to the public and can be found at depauw.edu/rectorscholar.

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