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May 2, 2011

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Winter Term Application Problems

Announcements for what winter term trips students are accepted into came out this week. Some students did not get their first, second, or third choices for international trips, and as of right now do not have any plans. Students are required to do three credits of winter term over their four years of schooling. President Casey understands these students’ frustrations.

With the budget already severely unbalanced, this makes it even harder for DePauw to put more money towards subsidizing international winter terms. Though students are sometimes paying up to four-thousand dollars for a three week trip, this usually still does not cover all of the cost. DePauw has a $400,000 fund for Winter Term trips every year, but this doesn’t seem to be enough.

Unless DePauw puts more money into the Winter Term fund, students can expect to be paying the same amount for winter as previous years, as well as facing the same problems of being accepted on trips.

Monday Faculty Meeting

DePauw University faculty members approved the motion of implementing the Environmental Fellows Program on Monday. The proposal passed with 88 members in favor of and 23 members against the news honors program.

Coordinator of Environmental Education Michelle Villinski says the program is formatted for any student with an interest in learning more about environmental studies. Students accepted into the program will be allowed to declare any major, but will be required to take three humanities or social science courses.

VILLINSKI: "We want people to be able to pursue their interests and to think about them in a really rigorous framework—be able to write about it and do all those things that we do in the classroom with a focus on the environment."

Villinski says students will also have the opportunity to complete off-campus study programs or internships concentrated on the environmental field of their choice.

In addition, President Brian Casey addressed the faculty’s prior approved motion of examining the internationalization issues at the university. He announced that DePauw is ranked first in the Great Lakes Colleges Association for the percentage of students who had an off-campus experience throughout the last year. Dr. Casey praised the university’s Winter Term opportunities for this high percentage.

The faculty also took a moment of silence to honor Assistant Professor of English Edward L. Gailligan. Gailligan passed away on March 29, 2011. He taught at DePauw from 1949 to 1958.

Putnam County Relay for Life

Puntam County residents and DePauw students gathered this weekend to support Relay for Life. Luminaries were lit, stories were told, and music uplifted the hearts of many supporters and survivors. Event Chair, Tyler Archer, said the event brought in one-hundred and twenty six thousand dollars, and donations are still coming. The goal for this year was to reach one thousand and fifty-seven dollars. Archer is confident it will be reached. Archer said over three thousand people participated in the Relay for Life walk. The event included performances by cancer survivors, Jack Daddy Sunrise, the DePauw Cheerleaders, DePauwcapella, participants in Relay Idol, and the DePauw Gospel Choir. Archer said Relay for Life this year was a success and he is happy the weather cooperated.

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