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May 5, 2011

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Employment Report for 2011 grads 9 months Away

DePauw seniors are in the process of making post-graduation plans. Director of Career Development Steve Langerud says that last year around 60 percent of seniors get jobs within 9 months after graduation. The remaining 30 percent attend graduate schools and 10 percent are either unemployed or in a service program.

While only 21 companies attended this year’s job fair Langerud says over 500 companies have contacted DePauw looking to hire graduates. Seniors are finding job options at small employers, mid-size employers, and as entrepreneurs. The Career Development head sees increased job opportunities as sign of an improving economy. Langerud finds employers are adjusting their priorities to hire talented candidates, another sign of economic growth.

LANGERUD: "Employers seem to be looking for talent as opposed to hard skills. And last year for example, if they didn’t get a specific major, a specific set of skill, they really weren’t interested. This year I’ve heard more students talk about employers say well, we like you, we like what you bring to the table. We’ll find a place for you. And that’s to me what hiring looks like in a good economy."

Langerud could not give an estimate of currently employed seniors. DePauw will gather employment data for 2011 graduates 9 months after graduation.

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