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May 11, 2011

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City council passes resolutions to bring jobs and historical renovation to Greencastle

Greencastle city council passed two resolutions that may bring jobs and historic renovation to Greencastle. The council meeting was led by Mayor Sue Murray on Tuesday night at city hall. The first resolution voted on dealt with giving tax abatements to the International Automotive Components company, also known as I-A-C. This measure would give the company a stay of paying property taxes while more than 8 million dollars worth of equipment is added. Mayor Murray says this measure will result in more jobs for Greencastle residents in the end. Murray says the company was hit hard by the economic downturn. She says the tax break will give the company time focus on investments as well as rehire workers previously laid off. While Murray admits that the city will initially lose money due to the loss of revenue, she says it’s better to have people who are employed with money in their pockets. The resolution passed unopposed.

The second resolution voted on by the council dealt with the plan use the Stellar Communities Grant money in the Greencastle town square. Brenner Design Firm architect, Brent Mather presented the cost estimates and plans for business located on the square that will be affected by the Grant. The Brenner Design Firm is an architectural firm based in Indianapolis that is working with the local government on the historical renovation of the square. The measure also passed unopposed.

Seniors Must Pay Up or Lose Right to Walk

Finals are nearly upon DePauw Students, and for most seniors this means one thing, graduation is here. The commencement ceremony will be held on May 22nd, but there are a few things seniors must do to make sure they make it across the stage. Graduating seniors have until this Friday May 13th at noon to square away their financial balance. University Registrar Ken Kirkpatrick explains the consequences for students who still have outstanding balances.

KIRKPATRICK: "If their bill isn’t paid up they wouldn’t be allowed to walk, but their degree would still be processed. Their transcript and diploma would be on hold though."

Kirkpatrick also acknowledged that there is usually about twenty students in each graduating class who don’t have their bill paid. These students are listed as unofficial graduates until the bill is paid at which point their diploma and transcript are released.

Blue Door brings breakfast downtown

It’s been over a year since The Blue Door Café moved into its new location on Washington Street near the edge of the DePauw University campus. The new location has added parking spaces, as well as making the restaurant more visible in the downtown area. According to owner Sue Furr, the biggest change has been a greater focus on the breakfast market.

FURR: "A lot of our business were picking up is due to the fact that we have breakfast downtown, and a lot of the other businesses aren’t doing breakfast anymore. So we have a lot of people who like coming in, sitting, reading their newspapers, having breakfast."

The Blue Door serves between seventy-five and one hundred patrons a day. While downtown Greencastle has many restaurants competing in the more heavily populated dinner market, Furr sees this as an opportunity to give Greencastle natives and DePauw students a place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a home cooked breakfast. Thanks to the support of local patrons, The Blue Door Café doesn’t expect any sizable decrease in customers when students head home for the summer.

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