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November 14, 2011

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Registrar Office and the Class Scheduling System

Student Government passed a white paper to the Registrar Office last semester stating concerns about the class scheduling system. Registrar Ken Kirkpatrick says the registrar office has been working on the problems and has made progress in certain areas, such as eliminating overlapping time banks. Kirkpatrick says the Registrar Office is also considering new technology updates, including a notification system.

KIRKPATRICK: "We did look into a couple of suggests for new technology features in the system. One was for a notification system where if a spot open in a course you would be able to be notified."

Kirkpatrick says aside from the technical changes mentioned, the Registrar Office is also working with the overall scheduling system. He says the Office is researching other systems to make adjustments to DePauw’s system for better performance. However he says a completely new system is not of interest in the near future.

KIRKPATRICK: "We are also looking into how other systems work and how we might change a number of things coming up that cause us to at least rewrite the current system, not to change the actual logic or the way it processes things."

Teachers’ Union Negotiations

The Greencastle School Board approved the new teachers’ contracts Wednesday night. This approval marks the final step in a two-month-long negotiating process. Superintendent Lori Richmond says the negotiations began in early September. Richmond says the superintendent, teachers from the Union, the Union representative, some school board members, and a few administrators make up the negotiation team. This group met several times in the last two months to discuss compensation and contract language. The team discussed at length teachers’ salaries and benefits. Richmond revealed that healthcare for teachers was one of the main challenges during negotiations.

RICHMOND: "We took quite a lot of time looking over healthcare and what we could do and getting to an amount of what we can afford and pay, but also takes care of our employees, as best we can in these times. Nobody wants to say, there’s not any more money or we can’t provide more. That’s the challenge, we want to provide more, but we have to be fiscally sound."

Although new laws from the state and tight budgets made negotiations difficult, the group was able to come to an agreement well in advance of the December 1st state deadline.

DePauw’s 175th

2012 will mark DePauw’s 175th year since founding, and the University is celebrating with a year of special events and festivities. Chairman of the 175th anniversary committee Steve Setchell says a group of students, faculty, Greencastle community members and alumni have been planning the events. The celebration begins January 10th with a reception in the Green Center for Performing Arts. Setchell says alum Vernon Jordan will kickoff an alumni lecture series on February 19th. This lecture series will culminate in May of 2013, with a presentation of DePauw’s 175 most distinguished alums.

SETCHELL: "Those 175 exceptional alums, living and deceased. It’s going to be a very difficult process. 175 sounds like a big number but when you think about our alumni, I think that’s going to be a very difficult call for that group, especially when they get down to the last fifteen or twenty."

The University is also planning on-campus events to celebrate DePauw. Setchell says a week-long student life festival will take place in October of next year. Setchell says the upcoming year and a half of celebrations will focus on uniting DePauw’s past, present, and future.

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