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November 17, 2011

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Financial Award Letters

DePauw’s Office of Admissions will no longer include the financial award letter with student’s initial admission letter. Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid, Dan Meyer discussed this change on DPView. Meyer says this change should raise the bar as far as what it takes to qualify for a merit award at DePauw.

MEYER: "For a liberal arts institution, especially of our caliber, leading with the scholarship really sends the wrong message. So what we are really doing is kind of what I call decoupling the admissions decision from scholarship notification. So now we are going to let the admissions decision go out, you know the student celebrate that whole congratulations I’ve been admitted, and then review that student for a possible scholarship within about a month’s time."

These awards are completely academic based. Meyer says there is somewhat of a short term risk that this change could negatively affect admissions; however, it will help strengthen DePauw’s reputation in the long run. Meyer says this is all part of creating a consistent message about DePauw. This change comes at a time when DePauw Admissions is focusing on Re-branding. Meyer says the new webpage will also be coming out in less than a month as a part of the re-branding.

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