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October 7, 2011

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Student Government Speaks Out

DePauw Student Body President, Charles Pierre, says that the Student Government is working hard this year to uphold the platform of One Campus, One Community through bringing students together to engage in intellectually stimulating conversations. DePauwPalooza, a campus wide bridge initiative, was held last week and brought the campus together and proved to be very successful. Student government will be revisiting the twenty four hour study space white paper from last semester as well as the career services and alumni relations white paper. Pierre says that Director of Career Services, Steve Langeroud, has been helpful in the development of the career services white paper as well as Chief Information Officer, Carol Smith, has been influential in the facilities management white paper that focuses on the availability of facilities on campus and the issues of reoccurring dead spots and wifi connection on campus. Pierre says that this year’s Student government is moving and is hopeful in seeing results of passing these white papers.

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