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October 27, 2011

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City Clerk Treasurer Teresa Glenn

Greencastle’s incumbent Clerk Treasure Teresa Glenn, Democrat, is running for re-election. Glenn has been in office since 2004 and has served with Mayor Nancy Michael and Mayor Sue Murray. Glenn’s position entails city finances, record keeping, pay role, human resources, over-seeing the utilities office. Glenn says there are infrastructure issues facing Greencastle that she intends to continue to work with if re-elected such as water and sewer lines, and streets and sidewalks.

GLENN: "I think we are in a very important period of time where we don’t want to be raising taxes, we don’t want to be incurring more expensive than we have to, but we do want to continue to provide the services that we have always had for the citizens of Greencastle and I think that I’m best suited at this time to do that."

Glenn says that departments such as fire and police departments have been working to maintain grants rather than using citizen tax dollars. She estimates 100 to 200 thousand dollars have been received in grants since she has been in office.

GLENN: "I think that as long as we can be fiscally responsible and look at infrastructure and have a plan and keep the resources coming in a good cash flow and look for other sources of revenue other than tax dollars I think that we will be able to continue to meet those needs."

Greencastle city elections will be held on November 8th.

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