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October 28, 2011

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Omega Phi Beta’s "Take Back the Night Rally"

Rain did not stop the participants of Omega Phi Beta’s "Take Back the Night" from rallying around Greencastle on Wednesday night. Vice President of Omega Phi Beta, Yanina Guevara says the rally focused this year on reclaiming and celebrating the empowered community. In years past the rally has focused on survivor stories and how to go from a victim to a survivor. Guevara said that although there were fewer people than last year, the event was still well attended with between 50 and 60 people. Guevara believes there is a problem with violence on DePauw’s campus. She says much of the violence is invisible.

GUEVARA: "It's violence that you can't see. One, either behind closed doors and then two, violence in the language that we speak."

Guevara says the group had the event this year because it is a tradition and many people know about it. More importantly, she believes it is important to get the word out about violence on this campus. The event also provides a space for people to talk about their experiences openly and take a stand.

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