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September 12, 2011

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Faculty Meeting: The Search Will Officially Begin for CGPOPS Dean

Vice President for Academic Affairs David Harvey announced at the faculty meeting Monday that he, along with a designated committee, will meet later in the week to discuss the position of dean of Civic Global and Professional Opportunities. The group will convene to establish a set definition of the position. They will also create an advertisement to attract potential applicants. Harvey explained the qualities he hopes to see in applicants.

[HARVEY] "The ideal candidate is probably someone who has faculty experience and also some level of administrative involvement in these areas"

President Brian Casey said that he decided to add the new dean position to address growing popularity of the Civic Global and Professional Opportunities offices and advising services. Casey hopes to extend more funding to the Civic Global and Professional Opportunities offices in the future.

Faculty Meeting: Increase in Academic Dishonesty

A gasp filled the UB Ballroom Monday afternoon as faculty reacted to the announcement that cases of academic dishonesty at DePauw doubled during the 2010-2011 school year. Professor Carrie Strauss of the Student Life and Academic Atmosphere Committee said during the past academic year, 49 students were found guilty of academic dishonesty. In the four years prior around 30 students received charges of academic dishonesty. Strauss explained possible reasons for the increase.

[STRAUSS] "Well I think it’s just what I said at the meeting. I think it could be a blip, it could be more actual cases of academic dishonesty, or it could be faculty being more conscientious about holding students to a higher standard and using the policy to maintain high standards of academic integrity. So we don’t know. I think it’s something to keep an eye on and see what happens in the next few semesters."

Strauss explained that faculty should teach students academic integrity.

[STRAUSS] "It’s not really qualitatively different than anything else we do in the classroom. I mean it’s working with students to help them to learn the material and also to help them demonstrate their mastery of the material through the various tasks we set before them."

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