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September 14, 2011

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Human Resources Department Revises Employment Policy

The Human Resources Department at DePauw has revised the employment policy guidelines as a means to clarify questions raised by both faculty and staff. Executive Director of Human Resources Pat Bacon says that the policy revisions are minor clarifications of already existing policies. She explained that each of the five revisions were made for a different reason. The department revised Recruitment and Hiring because of a new online hiring and tracking application system that needed to be more thoroughly explained. They also revised Separation from Employment for Faculty and Staff because of questions raised about swapping keys and actions to take when a faculty member leaves the university. Also amended was the policy on Off Campus Errands by Hourly Staff members because of a need for clarification on DePauw’s legal responsibilities. These revisions were not taken to vote, but were brought before multiple boards on campus before being put into action.

The Human Resources Department meets every week to look over policies and revises the policies only when necessary. These new policies can be found online in the employee handbook.

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