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September 21, 2011

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Board of Works Approves Manual for Housing Grant

A portion of the Stellar Communities grant will help to renovate Greencastle homes and bring new contracting jobs to Greencastle. The City Board of Works approved a manual on Wednesday that will allocate $300,000 of the grant to renovating 9 or 10 houses in the community. Owner occupied houses that fall between Jackson and Bloomington Street and Washington to Seminary Street will be eligible. The grant’s first priority is to remove lead based paint in homes. The money will also be spent to improve homes energy efficiency. The board believes the money will be spent on things like new furnaces, insulation.

The grant will allow for contractors to bid on the renovation job for each home individually. The board hopes this will make it easier for multiple local contracting companies to benefit from the grant, instead of all of the renovations being covered by one company.

Reading Improvement Center Plans to Celebrate their 25th Anniversary in Springtime

The Reading Improvement Center of Putnam Country will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this spring. The founder of the center, Ellen Dittmer first established the group in February of 1987 and has been assisted with many other reading professionals. Dittmer is very excited for the New Year. There are no exact plans for the anniversary, but they will be planning an event in the near future. The Reading Improvement Center’s mission is to provide children and adults with individual reading instruction that helps them to succeed in school. Not only does it help individuals accomplish their goals, but also the low-cost aspect is very appealing. DePauw University students have been very helpful in providing tutors for the center. Students have been tutoring children of all ages since the center’s start date on, September 12.

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