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September 22, 2011

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The Effects of Moving Winter Term Deadlines Earlier in the Year

Deadlines for Winter Term internships and independent study projects were changed to almost a month earlier than they were last year. These changes were made in spite of student led initiatives to move the deadlines later in the year. Director of Global Opportunities, Kate Knaul, says the deadlines were changed for several reasons. The Winter Term office wanted to have fewer deadlines to make the process less confusing for students. By moving the deadlines up, Independent Studies, and Internships now have the same deadline. Knaul says another reason for the change is to allow more time to apply for financial assistance. Other reasons include avoiding last-minute applications and giving hosts more time to acquaint themselves with students and share their expectations. One major concern of DePauw students is that the earlier deadlines are before many companies are hiring January interns. In response to student concerns, Knaul says the key is to come in early and let the office know what problems exist so that they can work with students on a case-by-case basis.

Knaul recognizes that there will be confusion due to the change, but says in the future these changes will be better for students, faculty and hosts.

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