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February 2, 2012

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Indianapolis Celebrates and Gives to "Super Kids" with Super Baskets of Hope

Super Baskets of Hope is a Super Bowl- affiliated partnership between the Riley Children’s Foundation, former Colts Coach Tony Dungy and the Baskets of Hope organization. The initiative aims to be the first project of its kind to fill 7,000 goodie baskets for sick children in all 32 NFL markets.

The Basket Assembly Day on Monday saw over 900 volunteers gather in Banker’s Life Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis and was successful in its mission to assemble the baskets. Kevin O’Keefe, President and CEO of the Riley Children’s Foundation, welcomed the crowd along with a few special guests. These guests included Dungy, Colts star Gary Brackett, and CEO of the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee, Allison Melangton.

Brackett even offered his Super Bowl tickets to a Riley Kid, Evan Meade. Meade is a senior football player at Franklin High School who has made a full recovery from his diagnosis of leukemia last year. Meade and the rest of the Franklin football team arrived at 5 AM on Monday to help assemble the baskets.

The baskets will be sent to hospitals in the 32 NFL markets this week and will be distributed by current and former NFL players and coaches to sick children in need of hope.

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