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February 12, 2012

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Metronet Rebranding

Cinergy Metronet has begun a rebranding process by changing their name to Metronet. Metronet recently sent out letters to customers informing them of the name and logo change. Metronet’s Marketing Coordinator, Mindy Wingert, says within the next three months customers will begin to see the new name and logo on bills, Metronet T.V. guides, employee uniforms, company vans, and store signs. Wingert says the logo and name change are part of a rebranding effort emphasizing Metronet’s fiber optic network.

Wingert: "We’ve always had a fiber optic network, we’ve told customers about it but we haven’t really educated them like we want to, and we really want them to understand the benefits of this only one in their area."

Metronet planned the slow rebranding to allow time to inform customers of the change and to emphasize that they have not been sold. Wingert says Metronet customers will experience no change in quality or services. Metronet’s rebranding will also refocus their advertisements on fiber optics and it’s benefits rather than Metronet’s range of services.

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