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February 13, 2012

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Drinking at DePauw Study

The National College Health Improvement Project on High-Risk Drinking, that originated at Dartmouth University, was recently on location at DePauw. The group researches the drinking habits of college students. Over the last 7 months multiple studies focusing on students and drinking have been in effect, leading professors to question whether drinking is preventing DePauw University from attaining higher academic prestige. A third of DePauw students reported performing poorly on a test or important project due to intoxication. In addition, the faculty survey indicated that the majority of faculty members see the consequences in their classes with student absences, sluggishness in class, and poor quality work after big party weekends, like Monon. Professor Pamela Propsom served as a faculty member of the committee made some suggestions at February’s faculty meeting.

Propsom: "There is some research that suggests that having classes on Fridays and having early morning classes can moderate Thursday night drinking... So we’re asking that faculty consider scheduling courses with that in mind... to have courses spread across the day, particularly in the morning, and particularly Friday classes."

These statistics are causing major debate over whether DePauw students can truly play hard, but work even harder.

MAO Committee

Management of Academic Operations or MAO has concluded its investigation of the time bank system for DePauw’s class scheduling process. The committee began this examination last year, after a student government white paper looked at conflicts in scheduling and a possible extension of the common lunch hour. Some changes were already being put in place by MAO that helped some scheduling conflicts. Student Government Vice-President Nic Flores, says the white paper complimented schedule conflicts that were being looked at by MAO at the time.

Flores: "The white paper kind of put some of the pressure on faculty and the administration to really take the issue seriously."

MAO concluded that departments must make sure that time banks are being used across the board including mornings and all five days of the week. They say major overhaul of the time banks is not necessary but simple tweaks are being made. Flores says the committee feels reinforcement of some rules already in place will help the system.

Flores: "There are a lot of issues with the time banks currently that are being addressed by the faculty."

Students were surveyed and said overwhelmingly that the current common lunch hour should remain the same. The common lunch hour is currently 11:30 – 12:30.

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