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February 20, 2012

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El Salvador Winter Term in Service Pupusas Night

DePauw University’s winter term in service trip to El Salvador is continuing their service. The trip went this past January to help with a medical brigade as well as demolish and rebuild a school that was built 20 years ago by DePauw students. Ashley Baur and the rest of the winter term group decided to sell pupusas a traditional El Salvador meal Friday night around the fraternities. Baur says they ended up raising 200 dollars to send back down to El Salvador for medical supplies.

Baur: "Money is going towards medical supplies while we were down there we realized the huge need for medical supplies so we are raising money to send back down there to supply the clinics"

Baur viewed this event as a success. She said she hopes to make a club out of this however; it is hard because there are so few winter term trips to El Salvador. The trip went with a company out of Indianapolis and DePauw cannot send students every year.

Students and Faculty Fill Meharry Hall to Hear Leymah Gbowee Speak

Last year’s Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Leymah Gbowee delivered the Ubben Lecture at DePauw last Wednesday. Gbowee spoke of her experiences working toward peace and empowering women in Liberia.

Gbowee says after hearing countless stories of severe oppression and mistreatment of women, she was angered. Gbowee channeled her anger, which ultimately led her to the path of empowering women and promoting peace in her home country. Gbowee says there are three important aspects necessary for someone dedicating their life to peace. These are belief in a higher power, compassion, and viewing it as a calling rather than a job. Gbowee realized change has to come from within. As a result, she works with individual villages in Liberia, getting people to join her cause. Gbowee says a big step occurred two years ago when she got many powerful men, including military leaders, to join the cause. She says her work is not without its sacrifices, however, the women’s lives that she has impacted brings her more satisfaction than any amount of money ever could.

Executive Director of Media Relations, Ken Owen, says he was thrilled with the turnout of the event. Meharry Hall was at capacity and Owen estimates 475 people attended the event. Owen says he was pleased with the appreciative nature of the audience.

Class of 2016 update

DePauw’s Director of Admission, Dani Weatherford, says admissions for DePauw is right on track for the time of year. DePauw has currently accepted twenty two hundred students. DePauw has 35 declared students for next year’s class. Weatherford says this is a normal rate for this early in the acceptance system. She says that the distant deadline and rolling basis of acceptance letter distribution contributes to the current low number. She does not foresee any problems attaining the desired number of students. DePauw’s goal for international student attendance of 10% is also being met, with international student applications growing in size and diversity. DePauw expects a class size of four hundred and sixty members of the class of 2016. DePauw plans to even out the student volume and maintain this class size throughout the next couple of years. The first accepted students open house was on Saturday

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