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March 6, 2012

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Postal Changes

Recent cuts to the United States Postal Service have come home to DePauw. Under the current agreement between the postal service and the university, DePauw picks up all incoming mail from the Greencastle post office every morning Monday through Friday. The mail is then sorted and delivered to various academic departments, university offices and the student mail room. The university was able to pick up inbound mail from the post office at 7 a.m, but now that time is being pushed back to 10 a.m. Director of Business Services for DePauw, Dick Shuck explained the changes in mail delivery.

SHUCK:"What that means for the University, both for the general campus and for the student population is, by the time we pick our mail up, get it over to the mail center in the lower level of the union building and start that sorting process, we’re not getting that done until like 11:00 or later. So everything is being pushed back."

Shuck says he is exploring several options to try and minimize the effect of later delivery, including more work study students to help sort and deliver mail. He says he hopes to have a strategy finalized by the end of the semester.

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