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March 12, 2012

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Admissions Update

Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid, Dan Meyer gave an admissions update on DPView last Thursday. Admissions has accepted 2,820 potential students and the goal is 3000. 3000 acceptances are necessary to bring in a class of 620 to 640, which is admissions goal. This is in line with DePauw’s traditional class size.

Financial award letters will go out the week of March 19th. This is different from previous years when aid letters went out with acceptance letters. Meyers says the deposits are slightly behind where they were last year but by fewer than 100. He says there is not enough of a base at this point to tell whether the change in when the aid letter is sent out will have an impact on enrollment. Meyers says with the change in the financial aid letter, there has been a change in conversation with applicants and their parents.

MEYERS:"It’s more about the DePauw experiences, things they can get involved in, the study abroad, the experiential learning opportunities, the education opportunities that are available on this campus. It’s less right now about just okay how about my scholarship and how can I get more."

While these conversations have not started yet, Meyers says he know they will stay take a place.

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