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May 8, 2012

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Faculty Meeting: Class of 2016

Monday’s faculty meeting was the final meeting of this academic year. President Casey announced statistics regarding next year’s incoming class. Casey says for the incoming class of 2016, students were required to have at least a 3.5 GPA and just under a 1200 SAT score to be eligible for Merit Aid. This is a much higher requirement floor than in years past. The previous floor awarded merit aid to students with GPAs under a 3.0. Admissions and Financial Aid were able to lower the discount rate for the incoming freshmen class which Casey says is not easy to do while increasing need based aid. The discount rate for the freshmen class is down to 54.5 percent from 60.1 percent for the class of 2013. Several million dollars shifted towards need based aid although exact numbers are not yet available.

CASEY: "I want to shift the institution toward very much biasing our aid toward financial need."

Casey says there were absolutely no negotiations with admitted students regarding merit based aid.

May Board of Trustees Agenda

At Monday’s faculty meeting President Casey discussed the agenda for the Board of Trustees meeting to be held Thursday. The Facilities management budget was 175,000 and has been increased to one million dollars. The Board will need to authorize DePauw’s plans for infrastructure improvements the administration plans to use this increase for. Casey says they will present the Board of Trustees with a long term plan for facilities maintenance as well as preliminary plans for athletic facility improvements.

CASEY: "The board will see on Thursday for the first time some initial ideas toward improvements to Lily and improvements to athletic fields. My sense is that they will endorse the basic ideas and ask us over the summer to refine and have architectural plans for both those projects developed through the summer."

DePauw’s development campaign will also be discussed at Thursday’s meeting. Casey says funds raised in the future campaign will go towards student aid, faculty support, and facility maintenance.

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