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February 22, 2013

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Update on Hoover Dining Hall

President Casey travelled with David and Suzanne Hoover last week to meet with architects for the design of the Hoover Dining Hall. The Hoovers, both class of ’67, donated a $25 million dollar gift to build the new dining hall and provide need-based scholarships. DePauw President Dr. Brian Casey says the university will hire an architect in mid to late spring. President Casey says the university is still at 8 to 12 months away from having a formal design for the Hoover Dining Hall. President Casey says the design of dining hall requires more input than other buildings being renovated on campus.

President Casey says the Hoover Dining Hall will be the last building placed in the center of campus and the building has to fit in well, particularly with historic East College. President Casey says that construction of the Hoover Dining Hall will most likely begin in summer of 2014.

Tuition Increase for 2013-2014 School Year

The Board of Trustees set tuition, room and board, and fees for the 2013-2014 academic year at their February meeting. Tuition is set at $40,150, room and board is $10,700, and fees are $490. In total, the price tag for DePauw students is $51,340. DePauw President Brian Casey says tuition increased by 4.9 percent. President Casey says DePauw's tuition increases are lower than other liberal arts colleges such as Denison and Kenyon. President Casey says the net cost for the average DePauw student is just under 20,000 dollars. President Casey says one of his goals is to be able to meet the demonstrated financial need of every DePauw student.

CASEY: "We want to get a situation where we have sufficient endowment to meet the demonstrated need of every student. If you want to come to DePauw and have the capacity to pay, we want you to pay that. If have need - we want to meet that need and right now we do not have sufficient funds to meet that need"

President Casey says that figuring out how to allocate resources effectively and make DePauw financially accessible for all DePauw students is a constant balancing act. President Casey says the issue of making DePauw financially accessible by being able to meet the need to every student will continue to be addressed in the coming decades.

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