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January 7, 2013

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Coach Kris Huffman Inducted to Indiana Hall of Fame

The tiger’s women’s basketball coach, Kris Huffman, has been inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. This silver medal award was given to Huffman and she says it is a great honor.

HUFFMAN: "It truly is an honor and you know I feel like I’m an outsider being from the state of Iowa and being recognized by the state of Indiana who is probably the basketball state in the nation is just an unbelievable honor."

Huffman not only is a 20-year basketball coach for the Tigers, but she is also the assistant athletic director here at DePauw. She graduated as Miss Iowa Basketball and was the second all-time leading scorer. Her induction comes at a time when the team is currently 13-0. Junior Alison Stevens says her coach deserves this award more than anyone.

STEVENS: "I think it’s definitely well-deserved and I’m very proud to be her player."

Coach Huffman and her team will continue to work hard and hopefully remain undefeated for their 2013 season. They are set to host Kenyon on Wednesday night at 6PM.

Greencastle Parks and Recreation Board Meeting

On January 3, the parks and recreation department of Greencastle met for the first time of 2013. A trail committee, formed weeks before, presented their proposal for funding from the parks department.

SANDERS: "My name is tom sanders and I recognize a couple faces here. I was here a little over a year ago."

After Tom Sanders introduced himself, he introduced the various members of the Jaycee Park Trail Committee. He spoke on behalf of the publicly formed committee in an effort to revitalize the trails in Jaycee Park that existed years ago and are now covered by leaves and brush. The committee inspected the trail before the recent snowfall and proposed using rakes and volunteers to clear the trail. The committee estimated that the project would take one afternoon with roughly 20 volunteers. The ideal use of the trail would be for mountain biking and running as it will be smaller in width than the DePauw nature park trail.

SANDERS: "Tonight I have a large group of people, of community members, that are interested in having a trail.

Parks and rec board members loved the idea of this revitalization and approved the work unanimously. Work on the trail is set to begin after all snow has melted this spring. Guidelines for the trail will be issued when the trail opens. If you like the idea of a new public trail in Greencastle, please show your support to the parks and recreation department.

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