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January 16, 2013

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New Peeler Ceramics Exhibition

In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of DePauw, on Febuary 12th, the Peeler Art Center will open an exhibition of ceramics made by Professor Richard Peeler, whom the center is named after. It will honor Peeler’s works as well as his wife’s and nine of his former students. Richard Peeler graduated from DePauw in 1949 and taught ceramics, sculpture and photography at DePauw from 1958-1972. Peeler is viewed as one of Indiana’s best ceramists. The exhibition will display over 50 of his works as well as some narratives, films, photographs and many one of a kind works. The exhibition will run from February 12th to June 10th.

Anderson Street Vandalism

It hasn’t been more than a week from the unveiling of the newly reconstruction Anderson Street on DePauw’s campus that vandalism has occurred. After revealing the finished improvements last week, this Monday a tree had been destructed. By-passers have noticed a branch missing. According to "The Boulder", Rob Harper, the Assistant Director of Facilities Management at DePauw says this is an act of vandalism. This has become a trend for students on DePauw’s campus, as Burkhart Walk has also been repeatedly damaged. Angie Nally, Director of Public Safety is sadden about this uncalled for destruction. Her, along with President Casey and many other faculty members want to put an end to this destruction possibly through silent witness.

NALLY: "I’m always surprised at how hesitant student are about sharing information but that’s why we have things like silent witness. You don’t have to put your name on it you just have to say I saw so and so do whatever on whatever day and time. And that doesn’t automatically get that person in trouble. It’s anonymous I have to take that with a grain of salt but I can investigate from that point forward and call that person in and lots of times students are remorseful about what they’ve done and want to make it right."

Hopefully students will make each other aware of the value and beauty of their campus, and this trend of destruction will come to an end. Keep it locked on 91-5 WGRE for all your local news updates.

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