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March 1, 2013

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Energy Games Return to Campus

For the fifth straight year, DePauw University students will be taking part in the Energy Games. The Energy Games started in 2008 as a competition to see which residence building could reduce the amount of energy they used on a daily basis. Since then, the Games have expanded to include all residence halls and Greek Houses. However, this year, Asbury Hall and Harrison Hall have joined in on this campus tradition. Comparing electricity bills as well as recording numbers on the electricity meters calculates a building’s energy usage. Assistant Director of Sustainability Anthony Baratta believes that heating and air conditioning, and electronics like TVs and laptops, use the most energy in a typical dorm room. To reduce their energy usage, Baratta suggests that students remember to turn off all lights and unplug chargers when they aren’t in use. The Energy Games will conclude on March 10. As for the future of the Games, Baratta said that the Games might begin earlier next year.

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