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The DJ Booth


We equip our DJ's with many resources here at WGRE. Our station is equipped with two broadcasting studios, built for use by anyone who walks through our doors as an admitted DJ at our station. Normal broadcasts are done in Studio A (center), equipped with a programming computer, 3-slot cd deck, 12 channel broadcast console, 2 microphones, and a compact disk rack supplied by our music department where DJ's can pick and choose hot-off-the-market CD's to play. Special segments such as news, sports updates, and special WGRE exclusive interviews are brought live from a studio in the rear of the booth. Additionally, when DJ's have a special need for recording apparatus, we offer access to a well-equipped production studio (right), where live audio can be recorded in a soundproof environment. Generally, WGRE airs new and upcoming alternative artists and the local favorite picks that are popular on campus, but we are also known for airing music from well-known classic rock, country, rap, metal, jazz, and other contemporary genres through our specialty shows.

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