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How To Use Alexa to Listen to WGRE!

You need to Enable your Skill so it will be added to the Skills of your device(s).

You can do so by using a voice command: Alexa, enable {w. g. r. e. f. m.} - (dots are not spelled out, they just indicate letters for Alexa system), or via the Amazon App, by finding your Skill by the publication name (WGREFM) and clicking [Enable], as presented:


Note: This needs to be done only one time before you use the Skill for the first time,  The skill id number is:


Links to enable WGREFM from the Amazon app:

United States - Link to Skill Store:


Australia Link to Skill Store:

Canada Link to Skill Store:

India Link to Skill Store:

United Kingdom Link to Skill Store:

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Text Us:  765-761-3561

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