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State of the Castle 2-13-20

This week on State of the Castle, we kick off a new segment, "Ag On Air," and a podcast about recovering from natural disasters. Broadcast 2-6-20.

Ag On Air, 2-9-20

Our first episode of "Ag On Air," a weekly roundup of agricultural news from the WGRE News department.

WGRE carries the Associated Press News at the top of the hour throughout the day.

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Congratulations Paulette Para Sanchez, Saturdays from 4-6 pm!  Listen to her latest show here!

2-13-20 State of the Castle

2-13-20 Tiger Talk

2-10-20 Sports Reporters

2-09-20 Ag On Air

2-08-20 WBB v Allegheny

2-07-20 MBB v Hiram


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